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Stain Removal Guide
Just Kidding!

Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Quilters - Fun Stuff!

Here's a handy guide to getting out those pesky fabric stains: 

Blood: Spill more blood around area of stain so it won't stand out as much.  

Ink: Fall to knees and plead, "Why, God, why? Why dost thou test me so?" 

Grass: Write the name of your liquid detergent on stain. Wash. Hold up to camera, and show off the unbelievable results. 

Mud: Place large iron-on NASCAR patch over stain. Apply heat for 60 seconds. 

Grape Juice: Rub stain vigorously with wet paper towel from restroom while saying, "Oh, &%$@ ... %$@&." 

Coffee: Rub cream and sugar into stain. Apply oral suction. Enjoy rich, robust coffee-stain flavor. 

Wine: Apply mixture of 1/2 rum and 1/2 Coke to self until you no longer care about some little &%$@ stain. 

Chewing Gum: Using permanent marker, draw dotted line around stain. Cut carefully on dotted line.

Nail Polish: Nail-polish stains are actually quite lovely. Why not leave them in for a pleasing "homecrafted" look? 

Bleach: Insoluble. Burn down house.