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3637 Carman Rd
Schenectady NY  12303

Ph: (518) 280-2586

Ph: (888) 817-6577

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Mon - Sat: 10 - 5
Sunday: Closed

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Quilters Ten Commandments

Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Quilters - Fun Stuff!

Thou shalt not do buttons.

Thou shalt sew 1/4" seams.

Thou shalt leave no bolt unturned.

Thou shalt not rip - only un-sew!

Thou shalt not envy they neighbours stitches.

Thou shalt never pass a quilt shop.

Thou shalt cook and clean but once a week.

Never quilt tomorrow what you can quilt today.

Thou shalt not covet they neighbors stash.

Thou shalt not reveal funds spent on quilting supplies.