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Marking, Chalking, Coloring and Signing

To order, click on the hyperlinked item name which is underlined in the description. This will take you to our shopping cart where you can enter your zip code or country for an estimate of shipping.  Please note this is only an estimate - we will ship using the most economical method. Your shipping cost will never be more than the estimate.

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Mouseover the pictures below to see them up close.


Kwik Klip Tool

Kwik Klip A favorite of pin-basters, this quilting tool helps you close safety pins through all layers without hurting your fingers.  To use it, insert the pin through all layers, avoiding the areas you plan to quilt later. Place the Kwik Klip™ under the tip of the pin as it comes out. The grooves at the tip of the Kwik Klip™ prevent the pin from sliding around. Press down on the top of the safety pin or grip cover and close the pin.  To unpin, simply reverse the process.    Use the Kwik Klip™ to fasten and unfasten safety pins, and cut your basting time in half! 

Hera Marker from Clover

Hera Marker

The Hera is used for marking sharp lines directly onto fabric. This tool can also be used with carbon paper. The Hera Marker does not use powder and it moves smoothly without damaging the fabric. Pressed firmly on smooth fabric, it makes a fine imprint. The slight crease is a sewing guideline that can be pressed away afterward.  Click on the picture thumbnail to see it up close.

  • Order a Hera Marker for $5.75.  This item is eligible for the first class shipping rate.

Fine Line Air Erasable Marking Pen

Fine Blue Line Water Erasable Pen

Fine point makes a fine blue mark. Marks can be easily removed with water. Here is a tip from Kris: Be sure to soak the fabric thoroughly with water. If you spritz, double check to make sure the blue hasn't gone through to the other side.  DO NOT wash with laundry detergent containing sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide (AKA "whiteners and brighteners") because that may set the color. If you already have, wash the item in vinegar. The acid in the vinegar will help balance the base in the laundry detergent and may remove the stain.

Click on the picture thumbnail to see it up close.

Pen Marking Disappearing Purple

Air Erase Purple Marking Pen

Extra-fine point for detailed marking. Marks are air and water soluble. Can be removed with water, damp cloth or sponge. Marks will normally disappear within 48 to 72 hours. Not recommended for dry clean only fabrics.  See the washing tip above.  Click on the picture thumbnail to see it up close.

Mark B gone BlueMark B Gone Pink

Mark B Gone

Ink easily removes with a damp cloth. Available in pink or blue. The blue Mark-B-Gone has an extra-fine point for detailed markings.  See the washing tip above.  Click on the picture thumbnail to see it up close.

Quiltes Silver Marking Pencil

Quilters Silver Marking Pencil

Ideal for quilting, sewing and needlework. Will not fade. Does not smear. From EZ International. Click on the picture thumbnail to see it up close.

Fabric Eraser

Fabric Eraser

Removes pencil marks from fabric without smudging. Also excellent for use on paper when drafting quilt blocks and patterns.

  • Order the Fabric Eraser for $2.99.  This item is eligible for the first class shipping rate.

Quilters Survival Kit

Quilters Survival Kit (190SK)

Contains 1 lt grey pastel chalk pencil, 1 white pastel chalk pencil, 1 yellow quilters pencil, 1 silver quilters pencil, a quality pencil sharpener, a BM-2 pen-style eraser, and a Kiss-Off stain remover, and a sandpaper paddle.  Click on the picture thumbnail to see it up close.


Colored Pencils

Give artistic life to your imaginings with these Schoolio colored pencils that feature vibrantly colored 3.3mm cores to produce smooth, bright lines. A 12-pack delivers multiple color options. Click on the picture thumbnail to see it up close.  Kris's note:  you can download graph paper for free here: http://incompetech.com/graphpaper/


Quilters Quarter Inch Tape

Quilters 1/4" tape
Single faced tape that will not leave glue on your fabric. Perfect for quilting 1/4" from the ditch. 

  • Order Quilters 1/4" Tape (1/4" x 60 yards) for $3.69. This notion can be shipped first class.
  • Order Quilters 1/4" Tape (1/4" x 24 yards) for $2.59. This notion can be shipped first class.

Pigma Pen

Micron .20 Pigma Pens (Size 005)
Pigment ink offers the advantages of permanency and true color reproduction. When used on a natural, untreated, 100% cotton fabric, Pigma ink is permanent and washable. The pigment in the ink remains colorful and will not "spread" when applied. Used by many of our quilt designers for signing quilts and writing messages on Baltimore Album Quilts. Great for doll faces too!


Curved Basting or Safety PinsCurved Basting Pins

Rustproof nickel-plated brass. For use in holding quilt top, batting and fabric layers together before tying or quilting. Holds quilt securely so fabric layers do not shift.


Covered Basting or Safety Pin

Quilters Delight Safety Pin Covers

Quilters Delight Safety Pin CoversBaste your quilts easier and faster using Quilters Delight® safety pin grip covers and the Kwik Klip™ safety pin fastening tool (below).

Safety pins with Quilters Delight® Safety Pin Grip Covers attached are easy to pickup, insert, and close, and saves you time as the covers make it easy to see where you have basted pins on your quilt. The flat top of the plastic covers prevents indentions in your fingers when pushing down to close the safety pin and the plastic body is easier to hold than the thin safety pin wire. Basting with the Quilters Delight® Safety Pin Grip Cover is wonderful especially if you have arthritic hands or long nails.

Attaches to #1 Steel, #2 Steel, #0 Brass, #1 Brass,#1 Curved Brass, #1 Curved Steel, #2 Curved Steel Safety Pins.

Machingers Quilting GlovesQuilters Touch Machingers Gloves

Designed for machine quilters, the soft, flexible fingertip grip gives you full control with less resistance and drag on fabric. No more taking your gloves off to change thread, adjust fabric or remove pins. Reduces fatigue and tension in hands, arms, shoulders and neck. Excellent for machine piecing and quilting.