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Paper Piecing

Tools, Notions and Supplies

Freezer Paper SheetsFreezer Paper Sheets

Quilters have been using freezer paper for years for designing your own stencils, making appliques, photo transfer backing, painting and myriad of other uses. Now available in a pre-cut 8 1/2" x 11" size perfect for computer printing paper.  These reusable sheets are specially coated for better adhesiveness to fabrics and to prevent rolling and curling. Works with very low heat.

Order 8 1/2" x 11" Freezer Paper Sheets for 8.95.  There are 30 sheets in a package.

Add a Quarter RulerAdd-a-Quarter Ruler

The lip edge catches the sewn seam line for very easy fabric adjustment, trimming automatically adds the seam allowance!


Add-A-Quarter-1x6" Order Add-A-Quarter for 6.99.  

 Add-a-Quarter ruler  

Clover Point to Point TurnerClover Point to Point Turner

The 7" long Point 2 Point Turner is a true multi-function tool that performs all of those functions extremely well.

Two points are available, one at either end of the tool. One is a sharp point that is perfect for tight, limited spaces like collar points. The other point is on the edge of the spatula shaped end. This is ideal for points with a little more access.

The unique shape of this point allows you to approach the point from the side, pushing with the grain of the fabric. Pressing out in this manner with the grain helps you avoid stretching or distorting your fabric. The long sweeping edge of the tool is perfect for turning long sweeping seams.

For turning seams with a shorter radius the spatula shaped edge is ideally suited. With a flip of your wrist you can switch from one tool and application to the other.

Easy and convenient. The flat, smooth arc of the spatula edge is perfect for finger pressing and the acute side of that edge is a natural Hera Maker. 

Here is a video on how to use the Point to Point Turner


Order the Point to Point Turner for $9.25


Press Perfect Iron FingerThe Press Perfect Iron Finger by Clover

This 9-1/4" long tool allows you to hold, shape and press any number of materials with efficiency and safety. It holds your fabric and allows you to press right up to it without concern for heat damage. The finest, most detailed ironing applications are now easy.

The spatula tip is a great substitute for finger pressing. It's narrow enough to get into the tightest spaces and has just enough flexibility to smooth your fabric. You can even roll the Iron Finger across your fabric to press seams open.

Need to press a narrow seam without creasing the edges of a narrow tube shape? Easy. Simply slide the Iron Finger into the tube shape lined up with the seam and iron away. Flat seam, no creases. Don't want seam imprints ironed through your fabric, same process. Again, easy.

The Iron Finger can also be used to turn or point fabric that is loosely woven or knitted. The broad point or spatula shape manipulates the fabric but doesn't poke through.

Are you a longarmer?  This tool is the perfect thing to hold the fabric in place while preserving your fingers. The rubbery surface helps grip the fabric, and because the tool is tapered on one end, you can get it right next to the needle. If the presser foot hits the tool, you'll know it and it will also remind you to keep your fingers out of the way!

Here is a video on how to use the Press Perfect Iron Finger


Order the Press Perfect Iron Finger for $15.75

Olfa "Mini" Rotary Cutter, 18mm and Replacement Blades 

This mini rotary cutter is great for cutting tight corners, curves and circles on cloth, paper, vinyl, film and leather.  It's perfect for paper piecing mini's.  Order Olfa Mini Rotary Cutter  for $13.29.  Replacement blades are $7.25 for a package of two.  Order Mini Rotary Cutter Blades to fit this rotary cutter for $7.99


Small Olfa MatSmall Olfa Green Grid Mat

Keep it right by your machine to make cutting easier.  One side features bright yellow lines on 1" grid plus 1/8" hash marks. The other side is plain. Self healing, long wearing, it can be used on both sides. 6 x 8.  Order the Small Olfa Green Grid Mat for $4.49

Best Press Spray StarchBest Press Spray Starch

There's no flaking, clogging, or white residue on dark fabrics. A special stain shield protects fabrics and Best Press helps resist wrinkles. Does NOT attract bugs like store brand spray starch. Best of all, it's more effective than any starch you've ever used.  Four fragrances. $3.99

Order the Caribbean Beach Spray Starch in a 7 oz bottle for $3.99

Order the Lavender Fields Spray Starch in a 7 oz bottle for $3.99

Order the Scent Free Spray Starch in a 7 oz bottle for $3.99

Order the Cherry Blossom Spray Starch in a 7 oz bottle for $3.99

Order the Tea Rose Garden Spray Starch in a 7 oz bottle for $3.99

Order the Linen Fresh Spray Starch in a 7 oz bottle for $3.99

Order the Citrus Grove Spray Starch in a 7 oz bottle for $3.99

Order the Peaches and Cream Spray Starch in a 7 oz bottle for $3.99

Order the Mint Splash Spray Starch in a 7 oz bottle for $3.99

Gallon refills are available for this product, however, they are very expensive to ship. If you would like to order one for pick up in the shop, give us a call.

Yes, we have a limited supply of the new Frankincense And Myrrh 16 oz Best Press.  Lovely scent! Order the Frankincense and Myrrh Spray Starch in a 16 oz bottle for $7.95

Steam Fast IronSteam Fast Iron

This may be the world's smallest steam iron with a mighty ability to set crisp creases and remove wrinkles. It is strong enough for everyday use at home, yet lightweight and compact for taking along with you. When trying to iron in and around pockets and pleats, the SteamFast with its tiny non-stick soleplate, will get into places bigger irons can't reach. If you travel, or if you simply need to touch up garments away from home, this Steam Iron is an ideal appliance. It comes with a convenient travel bag, and features a non-stick soleplate, and dual voltage for overseas travel. You can be confident that Steamfast products are built to perform, and are built to last. SPECS: 260-420 Watts / 1.4oz water capacity / 1 minute heating time / Product weight is .96 lbs / Product dimensions are 5.3” depth by 3” wide by 3” tall / 7.5ft cord / 2-pin Polarized plug type / 60HZ, 120V / Water Measuring Cup included.

Order the Steam Fast Iron for $29.99Steam Fast Iron

These items can be ordered online at quiltbus.com or by calling toll free 1-888-817-6577