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More Stencils

Quilt Stencils 5" & 6"

Made in the USA

These flexible quilt stencils are cut on 12 mil plastic with rounded corners for safety. Any stencil designated C.L. is a Continuous Line border suitable for machine quilting. For marking your stencil, consider a chalk marking pencil. We also have air erasable and water soluble pens. For quilting, we suggest John James or Clover hand needles.

To position your stencil, place it in the middle of your border and make any necessary adjustments as you go around the corner. A little hairspray on the back of the stencil will make it temporarily sticky so you can mark the top easily. Your stencil can be cleaned with any non-acetone cleaner

This page has large stencils and sets.  Stencils priced at $5.29 are cut on 8" x 18" plastic.  If they are priced at $5.69, they are cut on 10" x 20" plastic.  To find stencils in other sizes, choose a page to the right.

To order, click on the hyperlinked item number under the picture of the stencil you want.  This will take you to our shopping cart.  Choose the Priority Mail shipping option for an estimate of shipping. Stencils must be rolled to be shipped, so they are not eligible for the First Class shipping option.

Quilting Stencil W1000

Order W1000 (8" Overall Closed Loop Design Stencil) for $5.29

Quilt Stencil

Order PC1045 (7" Closed Loop Stencil) for $5.29

Order BC1004 (8" Scallops) for $5.29

Quilting Stencil

Order W1021 (8" Repeating Water Design Stencil) for $5.29

Quilt Stencil

Order BQ1001 (8" Basket Weave Stencil) for $5.29

Quilting Fabric

Order W1002 (8" Overall Closed Loop Stencil) for $5.29

Quilting Stencil

Order FH1002 (8" Fancy Purses Red Stencil) for $5.29

Quilting Stencil W1019

Order W1019 (8" Overall Clamshell Pattern Stencil) for $5.29

Quilting Stencil

Order W1006 (8" Large Stipple Stencil) for $5.29

Quilting Stencil PC1847

Order PC1847 (10" Closed Loop Baptist Fan Stencil) for $5.69

Quilt Stencil

Order W1012 (8" Overall Design Stencil) for $5.29

Order PC1921 (17" x 20") for $9.99

More Stencils