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Mouseover the pictures to see them up close.

Spring Tape MeasureTape Measure Spring

This 60" retractable spring tape measure is marked in inches and centimeters, on both sides. It is made of durable vinyl fiberglass that will not stretch, tear, or shrink, and is waterproof. The compact case is perfect for your pocket or sewing basket To determine centimeters, multiply the number of in by 2.54.

Order The Spring Tape Measure for $6.95  Click on the picture thumbnail to see it up close.

120 inch measuring tape120 Tape MeasureTape Measure

This 120in fiberglass yellow tape measure has both inch and centimeter scales. Extra-large, easy-to-read numbers. Metal tips on ends. Will not tear, stretch, shrink or fade. Use to measure quilts for borders and backing. Also excellent for home decorating projects.

Order The 120 Inch Tape Measure for $3.39

Texture MagicTexture Magic

Steam activated shrinking fabric. Simply sew Texture Magic to the back of your fabric, apply steam, & the fabric will magically shrink 30% in all directions, creating a beautiful textured effect.

Instructions included. View Video

Order Texture Magic for $11.18.  Click on the picture thumbnail to see it up close.


288 inch tape measureTape Measure 288"

Front side measures 144in, flip and continue to 288in on back. Yardage markings on tape 1/16yd, 1/8yd, 1/4yd, 1/3yd 3/8yd, 1/2yd, 5/8yd, 2/3yd, 3/4yd, 7/8yd up to 8 yds. Non- stretch, reinforced fiberglass. Extra-wide with large clear markings.

Order 288" Tape Measure for $3.39.  Click on the picture thumbnail to see it up close.

Sidewinder Bobbin Winder

Sidewinder Bobbin Winder

I admit to being skeptical about this product.  I didn't think it would be useful and it sounds so rickety when it is winding a bobbin!  However, experience has proved me wrong.  The Sidewinder Portable Bobbin Winder fills bobbins with the push of a button, and quite nicely too. The compact design is easy to carry to class. There's no need to unthread and re-thread your sewing machine to wind more bobbins. Runs with a power cord that is included or on 2 AA batteries. It accommodates all bobbins that have a standard round center hole but it does NOT accommodate Singer Centaur II, Viking & Futura sewing machines bobbins.

Order Sidewinder Bobbin Winder for $31.50.  Click on the picture thumbnails to see it up close.

Sidewinder Bobbin Winder

Invisigrip holds the ruler to the fabric

Invisi-Grip Omnigrid

Invisi-grip is a clear, non-slip material that is applied to the underside of rulers, cutting mats and templates. It works!  12-1/2" x 1yd package. 

  • Order Invis-Grip Omnigrid for $8.49.  Click on the picture thumbnail above to see it up close.


Q-toolsQ-Tools Cutting Edge

No more wasted fabric! Make rotary cutting easier, accurate, and less time consuming. These 3/8" x 9" reusable vinyl edge strips adhere to the bottom of any smooth acrylic ruler (No sticky tape!). The thickness creates an edge that stops at the fabric. Cut with confidence and consistency. 10 strips in each package, can also be used for marking lines areas to be fussy cut. Click here to view a tutorial using Q Tools.

  • Order Q-Tools Cutting Edge for $5.95.  This notion can be shipped first class. 

Watch the videoWatch the video on how to use this product.


On the Dot Repositionable MarkersOn The Dot Repositionable Ruler Markers

On the Dot Repositionable MarkersPosition your ruler consistently, accurately and quickly. Variety of colors contrast with different fabrics. Use on top or on bottom of ruler as needed. Use center circle to spot a specific point. Use end points to align a specific measurement. Click on the picture thumbnail to the right to see the back of the package up close.


Little Gypsy Gripper

The Little Gripper
Fussy cutting small squares?  Don't risk a nick!  This gripper's single suction cup will work with smooth surface rulers and templates under 4in wide. Use it on all small rulers and templates.

Small but mighty, The Little Gripper is 2-3/4" wide and 2-3/4" tall, and weighs in at just 2-1/4 ounces. It is made of durable plastic, is washable and water proof.

Sandpaper GripsFabric Sandpaper Grips

Corral those slippery rulers!  This package contains 36ct small, fine, adhesive sandpaper circles. Applied to the corners of rulers to hold firmly in place when rotary cutting. You can also use this to hold templates when marking seam allowances on fabric. 

Order Sandpaper Grips for $3.49.

These items can be ordered online at quiltbus.com or by calling toll free 1-888-817-6577

Desk Needle ThreaderDesk Needle Threader
Just what these old eyes needed! The sales blurb says, "Thread almost any size needle with the push of one button" and it really does work. To use it, insert the needle with the eye side down in the slot, put the thread in the thread slot, push down on the lever and your needle is threaded. Perfect for difficult to thread floss and metallics.  They are worth every penny.   Now available in pastel colors!

This item is NOT eligible for the first class shipping rate as it must be shipped in a box.

Clover Double Needle Threader

Double Needle Threader
One end for small eye needles, the other for large. The best on the market! A must for size 12 Betweens! 


Collins Needle Threader and Cutter, 2 in packageNeedle Threader with Cutter by Collins

These handy Thread & Cutters are used to thread hand and machine needles. The cutter is super-safe, can't cut fingers and can be used for cutting thread, yarn, string, etc. 2 per package. 

Threader with Cutter by Clover.  Two in packageThreader with Cutter by Clover

Small and easy to slip into your quilt or needlework bag!  Two per package.

Thread HeavenThread Heaven
A whole new thread conditioner which out-performs other conditioners in every way. It prevents thread fraying and tangling, and makes thread glide through fabric with very little drag. Thread Heaven® reduces fraying and tangling in any thread, but is particularly effective for taming hard-to-use threads like silk, rayon, metallic threads and blending filament.  Tip:  Thread Heaven® will last longer if it is periodically removed from its box and turned over to expose a clean surface. You may need to use the tip of your scissors to gently pry it from its box the first time, after that, it will be easy to remove. Turn it on its side and press it back into the box leaving the surface slightly above the tip. 

  • Order Thread Heaven for $3.30. This notion is eligible for the first class shipping rate. 


Beeswax and HolderBeeswax and Holder
A good coating of beeswax prevents thread from tangling. Plastic case with slots for running thread through beeswax. Can also be used to smooth surface of iron.

Order the Beeswax with Holder from Collins for $2.29.  This notion is eligible for the first class shipping rate. 


Rubber GripperNeedle Grabbers

Need help tugging your needle through several layers of fabric?  These little rubber grippers will help!  Click here to order for $1.54.   This item is eligible for the first class shipping rate.