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Sewing Machine Aids

This page lists items used on or around the sewing machine. Be sure to check out our Handy Helpers, too!

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Bobbin Saver for bobbins

The BobbinSaver holds metal or plastic bobbins of all different sizes!  It's made of flexible rubbery plastic that expands to receive the bobbin and promptly snugs up around it.  It holds over 20 bobbins securely so they don't fall out.  Threads won’t tangle or unwind.  Measures 3/4" tall and 5 1/8" diameter. 


This great little tool easily inserts into spool of thread to hold a bobbin with matching thread for easy storage. Simply push Handi-Bob into a spool and snap bobbin into place. Also has a thread trap to keep spool from unwinding. There are three in each package. Order Handi-Bobs for $2.89. This notion can be shipped first class.
Porcupine Bobbin Holders

Keep your bobbins organized and within reach with this friendly critter! This adorable bobbin holder fits every brand of bobbins. Keeps your bobbins organized and within reach. Includes 6 L-Style bobbins with a thin polyester thread. Holds up to 30 bobbins.  

A note on bobbins: Bobbin styles are identified letter (such as "A" or "L") or numeric (such as "Class 15") codes. Pre-wound bobbins are typically L Class or Class 15 (sometimes called A class) bobbins.  An L bobbin is approximately 3/4" in diameter and 5/16" high, with a flat profile. A Class 15 bobbin is approximately 3/4" in diameter and 7/16" high, with a flat profile. These bobbins will work in almost every machine but consult your owners manual to be sure.   Superior Threads offers a Bobbin Compatibility Chart here.

Purple Thang

Purple Thang

It pushes, pulls, p-fudges, p-turns, p-stuffs. It makes its own uses.  Every quilter, crafter and seamstress needs one! You can thread a ribbon through the slot and wear it around your neck. Made of heavy plastic.  Order That Purple Thang for $3.60

Seam RipperSeam Ripper

1.5in handle. Compact seam ripper and button-hole cutter. Hardened steel retains sharpness. Safety ball protects fabric while removing stitches.

Order Small Seam Ripper for $1.79

Clover White Seam RipperSeam Ripper - Clover White

Great for frog stiches!  (rip-it, rip-it).  Feels good in your hand. 

Seam Fix

The seam-fix is a seam ripper by Tacony that has a sharp point which easily fits under the stitching – even if you stitch at 12 – 16 stitches per inch.  Here is the best part! Both ends are made of a rubber type product that acts as an eraser. Once you are done ripping the seam, run the rubber tip over the seam and the threads come right off! This is great to use when giving your tops a final press before they go to the machine quilter. It picks up all of those loose threads that get caught in the seams.  Available in three colors, teal, pink and black.

Order the Seam Fix Seam Ripper for $6.75. 

If you aren't convinced that you need a Seam Fix, watch the video below.


Stuffing ToolStuffit Stuffing Tool

Insertion tool for batting and 3-D Trapunto.  Order the Stuffing Tool for $6.75.

Tiger TapeTiger Tape

Scant 1/2 Inch for Half Square Triangle Blocks.  Now you can make great fitting half square triangles using our half square triangle tape. It is a scant 1/2in wide so your triangles will be the correct size.

Order Tiger Tape for $11.99.

Trolley Needle

Trolley Needle - Thread Controller

Trolley NeedleThe multi-purpose tool for positioning fabric as it moves through your sewing machine. Use for smocking and all types of needle work. 

Order Trolley Needle for $9.50

These items can be ordered online at quiltbus.com or by calling toll free 1-888-817-6577