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Threads - Type and Purpose

We sell several varieties of thread so you can choose the right one for your project and your machine.  Not sure what to choose? Read our Thread Theory article for more information. Be sure to use the right needle for your machine.  Read our article on sewing machine needle types and recommendations for more details.

If possible, position your thread vertically on your sewing machine with the top up so it rotates as the thread unwinds. Placing it horizontally adds a twist to the thread as it unwinds over the end of the spool. This puts more stress and tension on the thread, which can cause breakage. If your machine doesn't have a vertical pin, try a thread stand.

To determine which part of the spool is the top, hold the spool horizontally by the top and bottom. Unroll about a foot of the thread. If the thread hangs freely, you unrolled it from the top. If it twists back on itself, you unrolled it from the bottom.

Click on the name of the thread below to go to the page where it is sold.

Bottom Line Bobbin Thread (30 wt)

Sulky (Cotty) Thread

Specialty Threads

Sidewinder Bobbin Winder

Sidewinder Bobbin Winder

I admit to being skeptical about this product.  I didn't think it would be useful and it sounds so rickety when it is winding a bobbin!  However, experience has proved me wrong.  The Sidewinder Portable Bobbin Winder fills bobbins with the push of a button, and quite nicely too. The compact design is easy to carry to class. There's no need to unthread and re-thread your sewing machine to wind more bobbins. Runs with a power cord that is included or on 2 AA batteries. It accommodates all bobbins that have a standard round center hole but it does NOT accommodate Singer Centaur II, Viking & Futura sewing machines bobbins.

Order Sidewinder Bobbin Winder for $31.50.  Click on the picture thumbnails to see it up close.

Sidewinder Bobbin Winder

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